Should You Replace Your Old French Doors in Boca Raton, FL?

French doors have a unique ability to add a touch of elegance to your home in Boca Raton, FL, which makes it important to try and keep them in good condition. But eventually, despite all of your efforts, they’ll reach a state where you’ll need to replace them. Here are some indications that you should consider investing in professional French door replacement services

Difficulty Opening or Closing

As doors age, they can slowly warp, swell or crack. After a few years of this, the shape of your doors might change significantly, making it difficult for you to open or close them. Deformations might cause them to scrape against the floor or fail to move properly across their tracks.

The more you try to force your doors to open and close under these conditions, the further you’ll damage them, exacerbating the problem. The best bet is to replace them with new ones.


French doors can be a wonderful aesthetic asset, but they shouldn’t become a practical liability. The deformations we discussed above may cause gaps to appear between, above and below your French doors, and these gaps can have unpleasant consequences.

All kinds of things might sneak into your home through such gaps. The most obvious problem they create is that they allow drafts into your home, which can decrease your home’s indoor temperature when you’re trying to stay warm, decrease your HVAC system’s efficiency and push up your utility bills. Additionally, dirt, dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses and all kinds of other airborne pollutants can get into your home this way, adversely affecting your indoor air quality.

Out-of-Date Style

Lastly, the doors may not look as good as they used to look. This might be because damage and abrasion have worn them down, or it might be that they’re simply no longer in style.

Getting new French doors is a great way to revitalize your Boca Raton home. Call Boca Impact Window and Door and ask for our door replacement services.

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