Protect Your Business with Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors

One of the best investments you can make for your Boca Raton business is installing impact-resistant windows and doors. These windows and doors are engineered to protect your building’s structure and its inhabitants from extreme weather events, including hurricane-force winds, but they also offer other benefits.

Intruder Protection

Impact-resistant windows and doors provide additional security for your business. Would-be intruders who might attempt to shatter the glass won’t get far, and your business and everything inside the building stay protected. The laminated glass remains intact and doesn’t provide a point of entry for intruders. It’s a great investment that gives you peace of mind and adds value to your business.

UV Defense

You might not think the heat from the sun’s rays is anything to worry about when you’re indoors, but the UV rays can damage your office furniture and affect your computer equipment. When you install impact-resistant windows and doors, fading is reduced by 99 percent. Blocking sun rays from entering your building also keeps your energy bills lower. Your building’s AC system will work more efficiently and experience less wear and tear, resulting in better, long-lasting performance.

Sound Reduction

Have your employees or clients complained about the noise inside your building? Windows and doors made from impact-resistant material absorb sound, significantly reducing outdoor noise pollution caused by traffic, passersby, and even barking dogs.

Your business deserves beautiful, protective windows that protect your building, add value to your business, and provide the ultimate comfort and security. When you’re ready to install impact-resistant windows and doors in your building, make sure to hire experienced professionals for commercial installation services to guarantee you get quality work at competitive prices. To learn more about all the benefits of windows and doors made from impact-resistant materials, contact a team member at Boca Impact Window and Door today!

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