5 Benefits of Casement Windows in Boca Raton, FL

Casement windows have a hinge that allows them to open out rather than slide the way other windows operate. Though once made from metal, they now come in modern materials to match your home’s style. If you’re not sure about casement windows for your Boca Raton, FL home, consider these four benefits.

1. Lots of Styles

The architectural design of casement windows ensure they match any other replacement windows you already have or plan to install. You can pick from different colors, materials, and sizes. They add a distinct look, too.

2. Energy Efficient

Casement windows are more energy efficient than other window types because they have an airtight seal. This seal surrounds the inside of the frame to cut down on the amount of air that escapes your home.

3. Better Ventilation

Casement windows provide better ventilation around the home. These windows have a unique design that is both tall and thin with an open sash. Opening the window fully pulls more of the fresh air inside, but you can keep the windows partially open when needed.

4. Strong Security

While window alarms and sensors keep your home secure, casement windows add an extra dose of protection. With standard windows, a burglar can exert enough force to push the window open, even if you keep it locked. A casement window has a series of hooks that keep it secure in the frame, making it hard to open and access from the outside.

5. Enjoy Better Views

For some homeowners, the biggest benefit of casement windows is the views they offer. As they have fewer crosspieces and other parts, you can better enjoy the view from your home.

Better views, a high energy efficiency rating, added security, and ample available styles are just some of the benefits of installing casement windows. We can help if you live in or around Boca Raton, FL. Reach out to Boca Impact Window and Door today to get help both choosing and installing casement windows and other architectural windows to transform your home.

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