4 Signs Your Home Needs New Windows in Boca Raton, FL

If you have an older Boca Raton, FL home, you may wonder if it’s time to replace the windows. Keep reading to learn four things that could signal it’s time to have new windows installed.

1. They Don’t Open and Shut Easily

As windows age, they’re increasingly likely to have balance issues, such as sticking and jamming. You might also notice rot and rust formations, suggesting your windows are getting close to the end. Newer windows don’t need much maintenance, and they have many years of trustworthy operation ahead of them.

2. Your Home Doesn’t Sound Peaceful

Home is where you rest when not out busy in the world, but outside noise can ruin the serenity of your sanctuary. New windows with modern technology provide improved sound reduction, so you and your family can relax. New windows could end interruptions from barking dogs and noisy traffic outside.

3. Storms Stress You Out

Windows protect the interior of your home from moisture and wind, but they can also get damaged by the elements over time. When windows age, they don’t just get dated in style and aesthetics. They might become safety hazards, too.

Severe storms can crack and damage windows, and you might not trust your older windows as much as you used to. Upgrading to hurricane-impact windows gives you peace of mind in knowing your home has high-caliber protection from inclement weather.

4. You Feel Cold Drafts

If you notice drafts near your windows, your home’s energy efficiency is in question. Compromised thermal stability makes your HVAC system work harder than needed, increasing utility bills. Window leaks might also make your favorite rooms less comfortable to spend time in.

If your current windows show any of these warning signs, your replacement time might be coming. Contact Boca Impact Window & Door for replacement window options and services.

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